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-Check grades -iCivics: Articles of Confederation reading and game -Read Chapter 7, Section 1: Complete chart on the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and answer review questions HOMEWORK: Finish textbook questions Tuesday 8/30: -Bell work -Notes: The Failures of the Articles -Venn Diagram: Compare the Virginia and New Jersey Plans HOMEWORK: study Wednesday 8/31: -Bell work -Crash Course video "The Constitution, the Articles and Federalism" -Identifying the Constitutional Compromises: Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise, and the Bill of Rights HOMEWORK: study Thursday 9/1: -Bell work -Create biography posters on the Fathers of the Constitution HOMEWORK: study Friday 9/2: -Bell work -Read Chapter 7, Section 3 -Notes: Practices of the New Constitution: Washington's presidency and the first political parties HOMEWORK: study

Students have the opportunity to create a piece of art or an essay for a contest for Constitution Week. Students are to create a piece that represents our Constitution as "A Banner of Freedom". This is an optional event to be a part of and so students who work on their submissions should do so alongside their normal classwork. Students will submit their projects to the office on September 9th. Then, the submissions will be narrowed down by a panel of judges at the school. The top projects from Greenfield will be collected by a Constitution Week liaison and taken for further judging. Attached is more information on the contest as well as the entry form needed for project submission. 
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